Data Mapping


In this project I mapped the data of Holly Herndon’s techno-digital song called Chorus.
The song itself is made of sampled sounds Holly found from browsing the internet and her laptop, the idea focused on is self surveillance and recording her actions for weeks,
it was inspired by her messy desktop with diff files and tabs open. She focuses on the idea of collaboration and transparency throughout her music process and makes sure that everyone is included to show appreciation and unity.

I wanted to showcase this by using the same process through the use of sampling people’s desktops and the different files found on them. So I sampled 3 desktops and started to collect the data of the types of desktops and files found on them. I broke down the song into segments and analysed the different layers.

I created my own code that reminded me of pixels, relating back to the digital process Holly uses. I divided the data into 3 categories, files on Mac, files on windows and files found on both; Mac is made of squares, windows of triangles and both is a mixture of both shapes.

Due to the harsh transition I wanted to make sure the shapes I create had sharp edges and the colors chosen were very bright and vibrant having a great contrast with each other. Listening to the track I was very confused and felt different emotions, thus the colors chosen was based on a survey where I had people tell me what they felt listening to the track/ emotional responses. The idea of layering was also an important feature I wanted to focus on so I had the middle composition layered over one another

The outcome was a motion piece that animated these shapes based on the beat of the track. As the song progresses, the layers on the main composition increase this is to visualize how layered and fragmented the track is.

© Razan Mohamed 2022