Brand Identity
UX/UI Design


Fuel is an application which converts the energy produced from your workout into electricity that can be used in your own home. It stems from my curiosity to why our energy that we create whilst exercising cannot be put to use. The brand aims to persuade people into becoming more sustainable their workouts with hopes of maintaining a zero-waste lifestyle. Through the application, users would be able to connect to one another and see eachothers progress.  The application is compatible with smartwatches and fitness trackers like Apple Watch and Fitbit in which it would track the energy they produce.

The logo design is stemmed from the symbol of the alternate current power supply found in the electric circuit and is used in the process of converting mechanical energy to electrical energy. It also resembles 2 people rowing, showing the idea of people exercising, movement. The electric green symbolises a spark and energy, growth and renewal, eco friendly and boosts energy.
A system is created through the use of the elements in the logo to create the icons used in the app. This is carried throughout the brand with the use of the logo in different compositions to create patterns as well.

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