Type Design
Live Brief


‘Flow’ is a lightweight, monolinear display sans serif typeface inspired by the fluid and continuous architectural details of Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku, Azerbaijan designed by Zaha Hadid. The typeface captures the essence of the building by its curves and elimination of any harsh edges. It designed for both the English and Azeri alphabet and would be used as a way finding system in the building to guide the visitors. There are 3 variants of the lowercase letterforms for the user to choose from to resemble the multi-functional use of the building as well as its ability to look different through the day based on its semi-reflective glass.

This was a live brief with Dalton Maag font foundry.

Publication Design

Sa’afa: Jinn

Sa’afa is a typographic experimental book that focuses on Bahraini folk stories and metaphors through the colours Red, Blue and Green. The Jinn issue explores the theme of fear through ghost stories told through the colour red. The book shares the Bahraini culture to both Arabic and English readers by having it in both Arabic and English descriptions as well as the ability of it being read from both ends of the book. It focuses on typography as the main source of imagery as the story of each ghost and their characteristics is told through typography. Through this project I want to share my culture and the bizarre ghost stories carried through generations.

Sa’afa (سعفة) refers to a palm branch in Arabic; and as Bahrain is known to be “The land of a million palm trees”, I have utilised it to be the name of the publication.

Description of the ghosts:
1- ‘Bu Daryah’ (بو درياه): A ghost that shakes the ships in the sea till he drowns the passengers on the boat.
2- ‘Altantal’ (الطنطل): A tall ghost described by the blackness of his figure that appears in alleys to scare people.
3- ‘Um Alkhadhar w Alleef’(أم الخضر والليف): A female ghost with palm leaves as her arms that hits kids that go out at night.
4- ‘Um Aldeefan’ (أم الديفان): A female ghost that hits kids that wander around cluelessly; also used for someone that forgets easily.
5- ‘Um Humar’/Mother of Donkeys (أم حمار): A female ghost with donkey hooves that stomps on children that go out in the afternoon.

Typographic Imagery

Page Layout


Art Direction

Moody Objects

A collaborative one-day project with Helen Swarbrick. This art directed project that focuses on utilising two objects to create a new narrative or purpose from their
original context. We combined two household objects to create a new visual aesthetic.

Data Mapping


In this project I mapped the data of Holly Herndon’s techno-digital song called Chorus.
The song itself is made of sampled sounds Holly found from browsing the internet and her laptop, the idea focused on is self surveillance and recording her actions for weeks,
it was inspired by her messy desktop with diff files and tabs open. She focuses on the idea of collaboration and transparency throughout her music process and makes sure that everyone is included to show appreciation and unity.

I wanted to showcase this by using the same process through the use of sampling people’s desktops and the different files found on them. So I sampled 3 desktops and started to collect the data of the types of desktops and files found on them. I broke down the song into segments and analysed the different layers.

I created my own code that reminded me of pixels, relating back to the digital process Holly uses. I divided the data into 3 categories, files on Mac, files on windows and files found on both; Mac is made of squares, windows of triangles and both is a mixture of both shapes.

Due to the harsh transition I wanted to make sure the shapes I create had sharp edges and the colors chosen were very bright and vibrant having a great contrast with each other. Listening to the track I was very confused and felt different emotions, thus the colors chosen was based on a survey where I had people tell me what they felt listening to the track/ emotional responses. The idea of layering was also an important feature I wanted to focus on so I had the middle composition layered over one another

The outcome was a motion piece that animated these shapes based on the beat of the track. As the song progresses, the layers on the main composition increase this is to visualize how layered and fragmented the track is.

Brand Identity
UX/UI Design


Fuel is an application which converts the energy produced from your workout into electricity that can be used in your own home. It stems from my curiosity to why our energy that we create whilst exercising cannot be put to use. The brand aims to persuade people into becoming more sustainable their workouts with hopes of maintaining a zero-waste lifestyle. Through the application, users would be able to connect to one another and see eachothers progress.  The application is compatible with smartwatches and fitness trackers like Apple Watch and Fitbit in which it would track the energy they produce.

The logo design is stemmed from the symbol of the alternate current power supply found in the electric circuit and is used in the process of converting mechanical energy to electrical energy. It also resembles 2 people rowing, showing the idea of people exercising, movement. The electric green symbolises a spark and energy, growth and renewal, eco friendly and boosts energy.
A system is created through the use of the elements in the logo to create the icons used in the app. This is carried throughout the brand with the use of the logo in different compositions to create patterns as well.

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